I got unfriended this week for giving my opinion (in a niceish way!).

There’s a really annoying trend on Facebook and the rest of social media right now to friend request or connect with someone and then immediately hit them in the face with your business.

You click confirm and in the next couple of days in comes the invite to ‘Like their Page’, or the DM pointing you to their website or telling you a big long spiel about why they are so freaking amazing…

It’s without doubt one of the absolute worst things you can do for your business. You’re like those street and beach hawkers on holiday who hound you because they want you to buy and all the while you’re working out ways to politely get rid of them.

I mostly ignore but the other night was a record. From friend request to the page like invite was under 45 minutes…

So I messaged this guy and congratulated him on breaking the record! I advised that maybe a better option would be to build a relationship, take an interest, not just be all about the numbers, that it didn’t do much for him or his business.

He clearly didn’t take it well  – I’m not bothered – he’s not someone I want in my circle.

If you want to avoid being a street hawker business type and develop meaningful and useful business connections, try this:

• Don’t think about what’s in it for you. Mutually beneficial business relationships take time to build.
• Be helpful – see someone offering something which might help someone you know? Connect them.
• Give value. Be friendly and kind on the interwebs without wanting something in return. It creates a good feeling. If you ever need something in return, it’s far easier to ask for it in time.

Your ultimate goal is to build an audience who could or would be a customer, or at the very least, be interested in your content.

Building a target audience is marketing 101.

Asking everyone because you think it supports you….it has the opposite affect and is a practice preached by those who have no understanding about how business relationships and marketing actually work.

Just don’t do it!